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YoloCali is a self-contained private casita that is suitable for 1-2 people. It has two levels and a king bed that overlooks the ocean. It has a kitchen, bathroom, and a beautiful view of both the sea and the jungle. 


Yolocalli is built on the ridge over the canyon where water flows over three cascades about nine months a year.  Three balconies pass through sun and shade as the earth turns through the days.  The upstairs bedroom has a King bed, and downstairs a sofa can be made into an individual bed. 


Yolocalli means House of the Heart in the pre-Spanish indigenous Aztec language, Nahuatl, and finds great favor with honeymooners.

This hand-crafted gem is open to the environment, but still gives that feeling of security and privacy.  Perched on a hill, you feel the close ocean and overlook the canyon and waterfall.

Housing Options

King Bed Single

King Bed Shared

*Prices vary depending on retreat.

Visit the event page for prices and to reserve your spot!


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